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ZigZag Leeds Autism support group was founded in 2004 by Lisa James, and then became a registered voluntary organisation with Leeds City Council in May 2009. The group originally started with a membership of 6 parents and has now grown to offer advice and support to 1000s of families all across Leeds and surrounding areas.


The group is run by parents to support families caring for a child, with or without a diagnosis of autism. As parents we understand how many years the process of waiting and assessment can take.

75% of our management team are autistic, and all of the team have autistic children, teenagers and young adults. We understand the challenges our children and family experience at home, school or in the wider society.


At ZigZag Leeds, our vision is to provide a range of support services to support the family as a whole, because autism affects every single family member. Everything we provide within the group takes everyone’s needs into account. The activities we now provide support 100s of families on a weekly basis.

ZigZag Leeds offer a yearly membership to the group. Membership costs £5 per family, per year. It gives you reduced entry to any of our events and ensures our sessions remain exclusively for ZigZag.

Membership can be purchased and collected at any of our events. Details of events are published on our Facebook page

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