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"ZigZag has been amazing for our family as it has provided activities such as trampolining at Gravity which has allowed my daughter to socialise in a safe space without fear of bullying or her anxiety escalating through everyday sensory issues such as noise and crowds. This in turn has meant that we as parents have been able to relax knowing that’s she’s safe to play, as well as make new friends with other families in the same the boats. Without ZigZag's support we would not have these activities or support amongst other families! What they do is fantastic and we are so grateful!"

Samantha G - Leeds

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"ZigZag Facebook group is a safe place where you can ask any question, however stupid you may feel it is, and you will be fully supported. You can rant if you are having a bad day, without any sort of judgement. The support from other parents who have been-there-done-that is amazing. You have parents of adults, parents of newly diagnosed, parents who suspect Autism but are currently on the pathway to diagnosis, and everyone supports everyone. It is like a living breathing encyclopaedia.

I am most thankful for ZigZag during my child’s education appeal and the support I got throughout the process. I will never forget that."

Taimur K - Leeds

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We attend Kids Clubhouse with ZigZag, and the occasional support group, and it is the only chance we get, where we don't feel that we are judged, and we can talk to other parents in a similar situation to us. You do such a GREAT job Zigzag, and may well it continue, thank you.

Susan T - Leeds

Pottery day out

" I would just like to say the support and nurturing we have received as a family is immeasurable - friendships built with other parents, my children have also gained new friends and unbound confidence with other children in similar situations.  The social side has helped us endlessly and we've constantly been given pointers for support. 

ZigZag has been amazing, I can't thank this group enough.  Thank you

Jacqui S - Leeds

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" ZigZag is a really welcoming and inclusive group providing activities, support and information.

We find it hard to get out and engage in mainstream groups. With the support from Zig Zag we can relax, laugh and enjoy ourselves!

Hazel M - Tadcaster

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"Thank you for an excellent training session - Autism Awareness for Childminders. Well presented by very knowledgeable and passionate trainers. One of the most interesting and useful training sessions I've been on. I'd recommend to all childcarers."

Helen R - Leeds

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